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Fish of the month:Black Bream

Size: Black Bream usually weigh between 0.4 to 1.5 kgs however specimens above this are not uncommon. The growth potential is said to be up to 4 kgs.
Identification: Colouration of the bream varies considerably depending on habitat and water clarity. Bream found in the upper reaches of rivers are often very dark with a black, or dark brown on the back fading to a silver or silvery gold colour on the flanks and belly. However Fish found in very clear clean water at the head of estuaries can take on a very silver appearance.
Distribution: The Distribution of Black bream is from southern NSW through to Shark Bay in WA. The species can also be found throughout Tasmania and on Flinders and Kangaroo Island. In Victoria the species Can be found right along the coast from Mallacoota Inlet in the east to the Glenelg River in the West.ia.
Habitat: The habitat of black bream is quite diverse. The species can be found from fresh water to the mouth of estuarine systems. They will almost never leave an estuarine system unless flushed out by flood waters. Black bream are often found around or amongst stucture such as snags, jetties, rock bars, weed beds & drop offs. Black Bream will also forage amongst shallow flats looking for food.
Feeding: Bream feed extensively on a variety of esturine forage such as muscles,oysters, prawns, shrimp, small crabs marine worms and in some situations bait fish. Bream will also forage on terrestrially insects such as cicadas and termites.


To help protect and maintain our fish stocks for the future it is important that fishing rules and regulations are observed, both by commercial and recreational fishers.

You can help by reporting any illegal activities to the 24 hour Fishwatch hotline on:
1800 065 522
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