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King George Whiting
King George Whiting are common in coastal waters of south Australia . They school in large numbers native to shallow coastal and estuarine waters with grassy flats with sand and mud bottoms. The juvenile fish tend to congregate in estuaries, inlets, bays, beaches and other sheltered coastal waters in close proximity to see grass beds. While the adults prefer the deeper water along channels, gutters and offshore with a less dependence on sea grass habitats. The larger fish are also found individually in deeper offshore areas near reefs.size to 2kg
Fish in sand holes amongst the weed, or on a mixed weed and sandy bottom. Berley your area up with cockle shells, razorfish shells and guts, or berley pellets

record 2.300kg.

Bait and Tackle
bait:Cockles, squid, cuttlefish, razorfish, mussels, gulp! Worms, beach worms, seaweed worms.

Link: 2 - 4kg main line.

Hook: No.6 - 1/0 Longshank.

Rig: Light gear with light running sinker rig/Paternoster Rig


To help protect and maintain our fish stocks for the future it is important that fishing rules and regulations are observed, both by commercial and recreational fishers.

You can help by reporting any illegal activities to the 24 hour Fishwatch hotline on:
1800 065 522
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