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Size: Mulloway can reach about 180 cm (80 kg), although they are most commonly caught between 3-15 kg.

Habitat: Mulloway prefer deep water and can be found in surf beaches, bays, rivers, estuaries, harbours, offshore reefs and rocky headlands. A spit or low rock or reef extending from the shoreline to the surf is an ideal spot to fish for Mulloway, as are deep holes and gutters. Mulloway are nocturnal so catches are generally made at dusk or a few hours after sunset, usually at the top or bottom of a tide. Smaller Mulloway (schoolies) can be caught at any time.

How to Catch:
Bait - To catch a few Jew, the best baits to use are: beachworms, pipis, live mullet and Tailor, live prawns, squid and pilchards.
Rod and Reel - A beach or boat rod would be the best option for Jew fishing.

Hint! River mouths are prime locations for Mulloway spinning.

Line and Tackle - Sturdy and reliable tackle is essential when targeting Jewfish, as they are strong opponents on light and even heavy tackle. Line should be 7-12kg breaking strain with a 1.2 m monotrace. Hooks should be 4/0 to 8/0 and sinkers should be heavy enough to anchor the bait. Lures such as big minnows can be used and it is important to use a method of slow retrieval for best results.


To help protect and maintain our fish stocks for the future it is important that fishing rules and regulations are observed, both by commercial and recreational fishers.

You can help by reporting any illegal activities to the 24 hour Fishwatch hotline on:
1800 065 522
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